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Smooth out lines...overnight

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Customer Reviews

Renowned Beauty Expert & Creator of the Giordano Beauty Collection

As a 20 year veteran of the beauty industry, I have come across countless numbers of beauty products. I am on the Allure Magazine panel of experts and for many years I have been a key participant in their Beauty Breakthrough feature.


Facial Smoothies is a true beauty breakthrough. They are easy to use and have become a standard part of my evening beauty routine.

Susan Giordano, Hastings-On-Hudson • NY


I Love Facial Smoothies

I had one deep wrinkle on one side of my eyebrows and noticed a significant difference even after the first use. I do laugh a lot, so I had crows feet around the eyes. Now that I use Smoothies, I barely see wrinkles when I smile now. I wear them overnight above my nose and eyebrows & around my eyes.

I am 36, and very glad I found this anti wrinkle product. Today, I went to buy liquor at the store and was asked for my identification cards!! I am totally giving credit for this to your product.


Thanks again… Mia, from Canada


Computer Cure

I am in my mid-50s, and thanks to this product, have no frown lines at all between my eyes… as long as I regularly use these strips. I wear these when I sit at the computer, as frown lines form when I am focused and concentrating. If I stop using the product for a day, faint lines begin to show, but –  they entirely disappear when I go back to using them.

These strips are barely noticeable and very comfortable. They have a clear, matte surface, which is perfect. When wearing them, the slight sensation I get from frowning has made me more aware of what I am doing, so it trains me not to frown as much. 


M.J. Hicks • California



What an Epiphany!

I am so excited to have this product. It has changed my life! Or at least the way I treat wrinkles. We all know that Botox works, right? It works because it stops you from scrunching up your face. THAT’S what is making your wrinkles. But Smoothies smooth out your skin. They hold your skin in the right position- WITHOUT wrinkles- and like it says on the website- “counteracts” what you did to your face that day.

Thank you, Facial Smoothies. Now that I have been treating my wrinkles properly, my skin is so much smoother and I look younger. I will continue to counteract my wrinkles from now on.

M. Tyler • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida





I think this product is fantastic. I love that it is lightweight enough to have on while sleeping. Other products are stiff and uncomfortable to have on your face all night.


This product has amazing results too. People spend a ton of money on creams that don’t deliver even a fraction of the results that this product delivers. With this wrinkle remover product you’ll see amazing results after just the first use.


H.H. • Salt Lake City



These are the Holy Grail!

These are absolutely AMAZING! I bought these as a replacement for the another product I used. These are SOOOOO much better. They last MUCH longer, they stay ALL night and my skin is COMPLETELY baby smooth in the morning.


I HIGHLY recommend these SMOOTHIES anti-wrinkle patches. I am totally in love!


Lara Peterson • Ojai, California




A Beauty Product that Actually Does What it Claims

I sleep on my side and stomach, and was getting nasty lines from having my face smashed into the pillow. It was a continuous line running from my forehead above the eyebrow, along the side of my nose and on my upper lip. These lines were along both sides. I use them every night, and Smoothies proved to be the perfect material to interrupt the process. I also like that they are nearly invisible. They have even gotten rid of another upper lip line that I have had for many years, probably also from sleeping.


Since I cannot train myself to become a back-sleeper, I am very happy to have found Smoothies.

A Grateful Smoothies User

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