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How Smoothies Work

Smoothies Train Skin


like an iron smooths cloth 

and aligners straighten teeth

How Smoothies "Original" Work


Smoothies hold your skin firmly in a flat position to train it back to being smooth. Smoothies have a strong adhesive and a slightly rigid backing, which make them very effective.*

Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Remover Strips get rid of 11 lines between your eyebrows naturally, without injections. We all know creams can't remove deep lines, but Smoothies can because they actually mold the skin into a smooth contour.

Like all skin care, wrinkle free skin takes dedication. You've spent years making facial expressions, which have creased your skin in the same places over and over to form creases. Smoothies help correct this damage.


While being worn, Smoothies® also prevent creases, so wear them while squinting at your computer or scowling in your sleep.


Your facial expressions will bring back your lines, so avoid the extreme ones that are the main cause of wrinkles.

Don't let wrinkles take hold.  The more you wear Smoothies®, the smoother your skin will be. 

* Wrinkle strips train skin, not muscles. If only it was that easy to train muscles! Unfortunately, it takes exercise or a muscle paralyzer such as Botox to affect muscles. However... Smoothies are very effective at reshaping skin. Creasing by expressions caused your wrinkles, and holding your skin flat will remove them.

How Smoothies Gentle Work


Smoothies Gentle plump skin slightly by drawing moisture to the surface, while also holding your skin in a smooth position to temporarily remove wrinkles. The hold is not as firm as our original acrylic adhesive, so it's ideal for sensitive skin. Smoothies Gentle Silicone draw moisture to your skin from inside your body, which boosts your skin’s own natural repair system, and helps bring life back to dry, aging facial skin. This plumping (and holding the skin flat) also smooths dimpled or rough-textured skin, and even scars.


Ideal for sensitive skin

and chemical peel / Retin-A  fans

Also great for under the eyes and lip lines!

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Smoothies is the ONLY product of its type

 MADE in the USA

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