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Original Acrylic Smoothies Instructions

Facial Smoothies Original

(with strong acrylic adhesive)


Smoothies work mechanically – not chemically – much like how braces and aligners work on teeth. They reshape skin by holding it firmly in a flat position to train it back to being baby-smooth. 


Smoothies have a strong adhesive, which is why they are effective, but also why they should not be used on broken, sensitive, irritated, sun-burned, or chemically peeled skin, or on the delicate skin directly under the eyes.

If you haven't exfoliated in a while, you may want to before you apply the strips will remove any dead skin cells (usually darker as they've been exposed to the sun longer), and you don't want to see a color difference in the shape of the strips after you remove them.

Three Easy Steps

1. For first time users, test by pressing a small strip to the back of your hand to weaken the adhesive, then apply it to an inconspicuous part of your face. You can also lightly apply non-greasy moisturizer (without acids) to clean skin. Allow to dry. With oily skin, skip the moisturizer.


Leave on for 20 min. and peel off gently. Wait 24 hours. If no sign of sensitivity appears, choose a larger strip, apply it to the back of your hand, then to your face, and wear overnight.


Stop using if you have any irritation. After testing, as long as you had no reaction, you can skip weakening the adhesive. 


Don’t use NEW strips twice in the same area in less than 24 hours. Reapplying a used strip is ok. Avoid irritating acid-containing creams and treatments, at least until you test. Wait 6-8 weeks after having a chemical peel. Do not use on broken or irritated skin. 

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2. Flatten wrinkle to remove crease and apply strip. Look through the strip to make sure skin is smooth beneath. To avoid edge impressions (when edge is pushing up against the skin) run a fingernail under the strip edge to detach it from skin.


If the edge still digs in, extend coverage by overlapping another strip on top. If you do get a mark, reapply the used strip directly on the mark. It will be removed quickly. (It is not like your lines that have been reinforced time after time by facial expressions, so it will be easy to remove.)


If a strip is wavy, remove it and reapply, or skin will be wavy. Using smaller strips can help avoid this.  

3. Leave on 20 min. (1st time) or up to 12 hours. To remove, peel off slowly and gently, folding the strip back across itself. 


All skin care is about maintenance, so use regularly. The more you wear Smoothies, the more you’ll keep wrinkles at bay.

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