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Gentle Silicone Instructions

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Gentle Silicone Smoothies

Smoothies Gentle Silicone Strips are Different 


1) Wash skin clean, and use an oil-free toner such as witch hazel to remove all makeup and oil.

NO MOISTURIZER NEEDED. These strips moisturize for you. Any oil will interfere with adhesion, prevent reuse, and block the skin plumping action of silicone. Silicone has been clinically proven effective, but it must be used properly.

2) Gently flatten wrinkles with your fingers (massage can help). Don’t stretch the skin, or lines may form at the edge of strip. Don’t use on broken or irritated skin.

3 )  Apply on flattened wrinkles or “crepey” skin. Make sure skin is smooth beneath and strips are not wavy. You are training your skin to be this shape. Press and hold for a few seconds until they adhere well. 

• If edge of strip is pushing into skin, lift edge or extend coverage by overlapping another strip on top to prevent the edge from making an impression. If you get an impression, reapply the used strip on it. Using smaller (cut) strips can help avoid lines and waves.  


4 )  Wear 2-8 hours during the day only. Do not wear overnight as strips may wrinkle, rub off, or dig in. If you sleep only on your back, you can try wearing at night. Just make sure strips aren’t wavy or making impressions at the edges.

REUSE: Wash strips with clear dish soap. Allow to air dry. With a gentle hold for the most sensitive skin, these strips may be reusable only once or twice. If your skin is not clean and oil free, reuse may not be possible.

TEST on an inconspicuous part of your face before use. Avoid using products with skin irritants or exfoliants such as acids, Retin-A, Vitamin A, etc. while using Smoothies (See FAQs). Wait 6 weeks after a peel.  Stop using immediately if you have any redness or irritation.         

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