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Look Younger Naturally

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so your overall health affects its appearance. How you treat your body affects your skin. The biggest agers are stress, smoking, alcohol, drugs, and exposure to sun and chemicals. You’ll make a dramatic impact if you avoid these.

10 Anti-Aging Tips You Can Act on Today

1. Sleep.

Sleep allows your body to repair itself. It is probably the single most important thing you can do to look younger.

Sleep on Your Back. Sleeping on your stomach or side presses your face into the pillow, reinforcing and even creating lines and wrinkles. Sleep on your back. Excess fluids will also drain, reducing morning puffiness.

2. Protect Yourself from the Sun.

Use complete sun protection every day. Physical barriers such as hats and sun shields are best, but lots of sunscreen will help, too. This doesn’t mean just at the beach. Apply sun screen in the car if you spend a lot of time driving. Keep some in the car. Nourisse Naturals 50+ 100% Mineral Sun Powder is ideal for this. To learn more, see

3. Exercise!

Exercise keeps blood and nutrients flowing to all parts of your body and makes you feel and look younger. Nothing rejuvenates the skin, and acts as an anti-aging treatment more than getting your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Even only 10 minutes a day of aerobic activity has now been proven to make a noticeable difference.

4. Keep the Blood Flowing.

Gentle skin massage is another way to get your blood flowing. Starting with your jaw line, use the soft pads of your fingertips to slowly and gently press in on the same area on each side of your face. Take three seconds to slowly press in, three seconds to hold and three seconds to slowly pull away. Be sure your movements are in an upwards direction. Repeat this all over your face to encourage fluid movement. Pressing up just under your eyebrows (gently!) will reduce puffiness and give a bit of a lift.

Try running the backs of your fingertips (your nails) up the sides of your face through the day. You’ll encourage relaxation of your expression, and will also change the flow of energy. Notice the uplifting feeling?

5. Avoid Sugar.

You know that processed sugars provide little nutrition and a lot of calories, but there is now evidence that sugar also interferes with skin renewal at the cellular level, one of the best anti-aging functions your body naturally provides.

6. Hydrate.

Water keeps your skin hydrated and helps your body eliminate free radicals and other toxins. In addition to drinking at least 8 (8-12 oz.) glasses of pure water a day, you’ll benefit from providing moisture from the outside. A humidifier in your house, especially in the bedroom, will hydrate your skin, make you look younger and will be one of the best anti-wrinkle boosts you can give your skin.

7. Consume Antioxidants.

You already know that eating an antioxidant rich balanced diet will help your body, including your skin, stay healthy. But did you also know that your skin benefits especially from consuming vitamins A, B complex, C with bioflavinoids, E, K, chromium and zinc? Skin also needs some fat, so if you’re on a low-fat diet and notice dryness or general deterioration, try Nourisse, a 98% Organic Pure Rejuvenation face cream, made of all edible ingredients. 

8. Avoid Chemicals.

Check the ingredients in your personal care products. Are they ones you really want to absorb into your body? Trans-dermal delivery (used in drugs such as Nicoderm) is one of the fastest, most effective ways to channel substances directly into your blood stream and organs. The substances you put on your body are taking this direct route into your body as well. Avoid petro-chemicals (mineral oil and petrolatum) in your skin care products, as they are suspected carcinogens. There are also many ingredients which can become carcinogenic under certain conditions, so we like to avoid them entirely to be safe.

Retinol and acids such as vitamin C cause sun sensitivity and should not be used before exposure to the sun. Although vitamin C increases the synthesis of collagen (a structural protein in skin) and helps fight free radicals, it oxidizes rapidly when exposed to air. Even before your cream turns a yellowish tint, the vitamin C could be rendered not only ineffective but actually counter-productive. It’s best to get your vitamin C through food.

9. Choose Beneficial Ingredients.

Beware of anything you can’t pronounce. Even “natural” and “organic” products have substances you don’t want in your body. Look for wholly beneficial, nutritious ingredients you could actually eat, because even though you’re not putting them in your mouth, they’re still getting into your body.

Avoid fragrances except all natural ones. There are many commonly used fragrances that are endocrine disrupters. This means they affect hormones in an unnatural (read: undesirable) way.

10. Use Smoothies® Facial Wrinkle Removers

Simple, quick, and safe, Smoothies® will help make you look and feel good.

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