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The Real Cause of Wrinkles

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Most people think wrinkles are cause by dry skin, sun damage, and age. These are all contributing factors, but the real cause is facial expressions.

Since we know what causes wrinkles, it’s easier to determine an effective cure. Because we know that wrinkles are not caused by dryness, we then know that wrinkle creams are not the answer. Wrinkle creams hydrate and sooth dry skin, which does reduce the appearance of the finest lines. Depending on their ingredients, crams can also lighten dark spots, help exfoliate, protect from the sun and provide valuable nutrients.

But wrinkle creams cannot smooth out deep wrinkles cause by repeated facial expressions. Only a mechanical smoothing of the skin can change its contours. Smoothies hold skin in a smooth position, counter-acting the wrinkling effects of facial expressions. This holding of the skin in the shape you desire is the same way braces and aligners straighten teeth.

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