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Here is what our users have told us:
"I love your facial smoothies.. I work at home so most of the time I wear them while I am working., most of the lines have just about evaporated."
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AnneRaleigh NC
”Gives a younger look to the face. All of my little lines and furrows are almost gone. Cheaper and less painful than surgery.”
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”My face has not aged a day since I started using them..about 3 years ago!!!! . I have turned many friends on to Smoothies.”
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Results may vary.

Smoothies® anti-wrinkle treatment strips "iron out" and remove wrinkles instantly. And, wrinkles can't come back on their own. (You must make facial expressions to bring them back.) So, monitor your extreme facial expressions, and use Smoothies anti-wrinkle strips every day to maintain your new, baby-smooth skin.