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Facial Smoothies® FULL COVERAGE Wrinkle Remover Strips contain 192 adhesive strips. They hold skin smooth to temporarily reduce wrinkles on all parts of your face.  


Significant improvements over the typical full coverage collections:

• wider upper lip strips so ends won’t dent skin

• wider T strips for between brows

• larger crow’s feet strips

• slightly longer forehead strip

• wider triangles


Smoothies® work mechanically (not chemically) to smooth your skin.


o A simple method to temporarily reduce wrinkles safely and without injections

o Smooth fine lines in as little as 30 minutes. Deeper lines require longer, consistent use. 

Maintain results with regular wear.

o Transparent – virtually invisible – self-sticking – peel off easily – hypo-allergenic

o Helps prevent expressions that cause new wrinkles to take hold.


KEY DIFFERENCES make Facial Smoothies the best wrinkle remover strips:

o MADE in the USA using only clean, safe ingredients you can trust.

o UNLIMITED Money Back guarantee.

o BEST ADHESIVE (a strong adhesive is what smooths wrinkles)

o STRONG STRIPS – enough to KEEP your skin smooth (many cheap products are too thin) yet comfortable. The key is how you apply them – watch the instructional video on the “How to” Video tab.  

o NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY BENEATH EYES For under eyes, or if you want a more gentle hold, try "Gentle Silicone" Smoothies 


Results may vary.

Facial Smoothies FULL COVERAGE

SKU: Full Coverage XL

Buy 2 or more - get 10% off!

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