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Smoothies® Triangle Wrinkle Patches contain 144 adhesives. They temporarily reduce the appearance of lines on several parts of your face.  Great for between the brows (“11s”), crow’s feet and cheek/ mouth area.


Incorporate Smoothies® into your skincare routine:


  • A simple, non-invasive method to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Smooth the appearance of fine lines. Maintain results with regular use.
  • Transparent – self-sticking – peel off easily
  • Contains 144 strips. (Measuring 1.3125 in x 1.09 in)


o NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY BENEATH EYES For under eyes, or if you want a more gentle hold, try "Gentle Silicone" Smoothies 


Individual results may vary. 

Smoothies® TRIANGLE

  • Our triangle shape is perfect for between the brows (“11s”), crow’s feet and cheek/ lip line/ and lip line/mouth corners.

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