These Gentle Silicone Smoothies are very different from the original acrylic Facial Smoothies.


We recommend you wear these transparent strips only in the daytime. At night they may wrinkle, rub off, or dig in on the edges. (If you sleep only on your back, you can try wearing at night.)


Please follow the complete instructions, or they simply won’t work!

• Use NO moisturizers or makeup, or strips will not stick. These strips will moisturize for you. Instructions must be followed.

• GENTLE HOLD for sensitive skin. Gentle enough for under eyes. (For stronger adhesion, and deep wrinkles, try Facial Smoothies original Variety, Triangle or Long, which are not silicone.)

• Temporarily SMOOTH lines and “crepey” skin. Reduce skin texture imperfections. Great for lip lines.

• LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE. Managable sizes that fit all areas of your face. For daytime use.

• REUSABLE 2-3x, if instructions are followed exactly and skin is clean and free of oils.

• INGREDIENTS: Medical grade silicone on an acrylic backing. Made is the USA with clean, safe ingredients you can trust.


How Do They Work?

The strips hold your skin in a smooth position to smooth away wrinkles. The silicone plumps skin slightly by drawing moisture to the surface, reducing crepe-like skin, and even scars. This moisture also boosts your skin’s own natural repair system, and brings life back to dry, tired, aging facial skin.

Each patch is shaped to be useful on several different parts of your face. All wrinkle prone areas are covered: under they eyes, between the eyes, crow’s feet, forehead, naso-labial (cheek) folds, mouth corners, and lip lines.


How to Use


1) Wash skin clean. Use toner. Do not apply moisturizer, or anything with oil. Silicone has been proven effective, but any oil, dirt, or foreign substances will interfere with adhesion, prevent reuse, and block the skin plumping action of silicone.

2) Flatten wrinkles with your fingers.

3) Apply on wrinkles, or “crepey” skin. Make sure skin is smooth beneath the strip, and that strips are not wavy and are not pushing into skin.

4) Wear 2+ hours during the day only. Do not wear overnight as strips may wrinkle, rub off, or dig in.


Read COMPLETE directions in package.


We don’t recommend using any adhesive on your face 6-8 weeks after a CHEMICAL PEEL. Your newly exposed skin is too sensitive.


It is important to TEST carefully if products you’re using contain:

  • Peeling Agents
  • Ret in A Salicylic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Paraben Preservatives
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic, malic, lactic)
  • Benzoil Peroxide


Remember to minimize extreme facial expressions to prolong your results. 


Wrinkles cannot come back without facial expressions.


Why are Smoothies Best?

  • Easy to Use: Press on, peel off.
  • Excellent Value: Reusable strips, as long as your skin is free of oils. 
  • Attractive: Transparent and nearly invisible.
  • Gentle: Gentle hold strips you can use under your eyes and above your lips.


$21.95 Regular Price
$17.95Sale Price
  • 56 gentle-hold strips in 6 shapes to fit all the wrinkle prone areas of your face, even the sensitive areas under the eyes and the upper lip.

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