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    Project Description

    In my twenties I saw Paulina Porizkova (remember her?) in a movie where she wore a piece of tape on her face at night to combat her frown lines. Why not, I thought. To my surprise, it worked. But after a few nights of wearing the tape, my skin was rough and red in that exact area. It turns out tape is not meant for long term use on skin. It was annoying, too, as it wasn’t the right shape for my wrinkles.

    Later on I ordered a product to remove wrinkles from a catalogue.  They were made of brown paper and perforated into triangles. I had to lick them and hold them onto my face until they dried. Then I had to soak them off. I was disappointed.

    Fast forward a few years. When my friends started thinking about injectables, I was determined to find a safer (and cheaper) way to keep wrinkles at bay – without irritating my skin. It turns out the strips I developed work faster too, so even Botox® users love Smoothies because they remove wrinkles instantly, before Botox can take effect. They’re also great for when its effects start to wear off.

    Smoothies® are the result of years of research, consultation and experimentation. My testers and I are thrilled with the results, and hope you will be, too.

    Project Details


    Smoothies® anti-wrinkle treatment strips "iron out" and remove wrinkles instantly. And, wrinkles can't come back on their own. (You must make facial expressions to bring them back.) So, monitor your extreme facial expressions, and use Smoothies anti-wrinkle strips every day to maintain your new, baby-smooth skin.