How do Smoothies Anti-Wrinkle Patches Work?

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If you begin with clean skin,

you may be able

to reuse your strips

but it's not necessary.

You can have makeup on.

Smoothies will likely

remove it, however.

Select a wrinkle to treat

and press gently against

it to flatten. (as shown)

The idea is to flatten the wrinkle

without stretching the skin.

Press strip to flattened line.

For large strips,

apply mid-section first


Detach edges of strip

to prevent outlines.

That's it! You're now

removing wrinkles.

How to Apply & Remove Smoothies Anti-Wrinkle Strips Video

Anti-Wrinkle Strips for Every Wrinkle Prone Area of Your Face

Anti wrinkle patches by Facial Smoothies

Anti Wrinkle Patches

Smoothies® anti-wrinkle strips and their shapes

How Smoothies Work

Facial Smoothies® Anti-Wrinkle Strips are transparent adhesives shaped for the wrinkle-prone areas of your face that “iron out” your skin and return it to its natural baby-smooth contour.

Apply them where needed and leave on 20 minutes to overnight. Smoothies® reduce lines in minutes, and deeper wrinkles if used for longer periods.

Only actual manipulation of your skin can smooth the deep crevices caused by expressions, so Smoothies® are the perfect complement to your creams and serums, which affect only the finest lines.

Smoothies® hypo-allergenic anti wrinkle strips take control of your skin’s contour. It’s a lot like how an iron removes wrinkles, by flattening the material, and smoothing it to its original unwrinkled contour. Just smooth a wrinkle, and let Smoothies® strips hold and train your skin back to its natural, unlined state.

Important Tips

• If you have dry or SENSITIVE SKIN, or if this is your first time using a product of this type, apply moisturizer and allow to absorb prior to application.

• The first time you use Smoothies®, leave strips on for 1 hour or less and wait 24 hours before using another NEW strip. Reapplying a used strip is usually ok.

• Test carefully before you use any acid treatments within 48 hours of using Smoothies.

• For best results, keep your skin fully hydrated: drink plenty of water.

Why Smoothies Anti Wrinkle Strips Work Best

Smoothies® work faster and are more effective than other products because they adhere better. What makes this type of wrinkle treatment effective is the repositioning, retraining action of the strips holding your skin in a smoothed position. Smoothies® hypoallergenic adhesive strips stay where you put them through the night, even through multiple uses. Our medical adhesive is strong but also safe. It is hypo-allergenic, latex free, and made specifically for long-term use on skin. It has been extensively tested and is used in hospitals around the world.

Other adhesives, such as “hydro-” (water) and silicone based adhesives don’t adhere as well to your skin. Adhesion is critical because the ability to hold your skin in a smooth state through the night is what will retrain your skin to be wrinkle-free. Weaker adhesives may allow the skin to gradually pull away from the strip and back into its wrinkled form, or, the strip may come off entirely. Water-based adhesives can also dry out and allow the edges to pull away from your wrinkle.

If you’ve used other anti wrinkle patches, you know there’s a vast difference between brands. In addition to being the most attractive because they’re transparent, Smoothies® offer a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all the wrinkle prone areas of your face. So, you can wear a smaller, less noticeable strip if you don’t need a large one.

With 120 strips in each box for $15.95, Smoothies® have the lowest cost per strip of any adhesives. Smoothies are reusable, too. Just stick them on the edge of your medicine cabinet shelves, or back on the sheets. Most find if they apply Smoothies® to clean, dry skin, they can use them as many as 3 times.

Anti Wrinkle Strips for Wrinkle Prevention

Smoothies® also prevent wrinkles from becoming established if used regularly before your lines become engrained. Make Smoothies® part of your skin care regime early!

• Overnight     • On the drive to work     • On the way to a party

Injectables Users: Great for before they take effect and as they wear off

• Hypo-allergenic, Sensitivity Tested
• Retinol, Latex, BPH, Gluten & Phthalate Free
• Approved for Use in Hospitals World-wide

Wrinkle Cream

1. Begin with Clean, Dry Skin

It’s best to begin with clean, dry skin, but you don’t have to. You can have makeup on. But if your skin is clean, it is more likely you’ll be able to reuse your Smoothies®.

Anti-Wrinkle Strips

2. Press Wrinkle to Flatten It

Gently press your entire finger against the wrinkle. Use the thumb and forefinger of your other hand to gently open the crease. The idea is to flatten the wrinkle without stretching the skin.

Facial Smoothies Anti Wrinkle Strips

3. Apply Smoothie to Flattened Crease

For large strips, apply the middle section first and run your fingernail under the entire edge to loosen, so the edges don’t press into skin. Congratulations! You’re reducing wrinkles.

Smoothies® anti-wrinkle treatment strips "iron out" and remove wrinkles instantly. And, wrinkles can't come back on their own. (You must make facial expressions to bring them back.) So, monitor your extreme facial expressions, and use Smoothies anti-wrinkle strips every day to maintain your new, baby-smooth skin.