Smoothies, a Botox alternative

Natural Botox Alternative

Botox® is effective against wrinkles because it stops the cause: facial expressions. While on, Smoothies® work on the same principle: they immobilize your skin – ideal for night time scowlers.

Smoothies® differ from Botox® in that they they smooth wrinkles instantly. Botox® fans often use Smoothies® right after their injections to get rid of their wrinkles right away. Otherwise, wrinkles can take several days to go away, because Botox® doesn’t actively smooth wrinkles like Smoothies® do.

Smoothies® are a great Botox alternative because they’re non-toxic, and non-invasive. There is no “downtime” and the anti-wrinkle effects are virtually immediate.

Smoothies® Botox Alternative Keeps Your Expressions Natural

Smoothies® differ from Botox® also because with Smoothies® you can continue to make normal facial expressions. However, that’s why you’ll want to use Smoothies® regularly. How often varies with your skin, your age and your expressiveness. As with all skin care – wrinkle cream, exfoliation, and even Botox® – it’s about maintenance.

Use Nourisse, Our All Natural Face Cream

After you remove your Smoothies®, we recommend using an all natural face cream, such as our completely chemical free anti-aging face cream, in your choice of two delicate scents: jasmine orange and citrus, as well as unscented. No one needs the chemicals that virtually all mass-produced face creams contain, especially after Smoothies® have you’ve just exfoliated your baby smooth skin! Click here to learn more about our all natural face cream.

An Alternative to the Problems of Botox

Botox is very effective. It stops your muscles from making those facial expressions that are causing your wrinkles. It has proven useful for many other applications, too. Like most medical treatments, however, Botox comes with disadvantages. What are some of the problems with Botox that people don’t talk about? We’ll tell you.

Administering Botox® is as much art as science. Whether your administrator is a doctor, nurse or cosmetologist, their skill and experience is a critical factor. It is best to consult friends who have had many injections of Botox®, and get them to refer their favorites who’ve had years of experience.

The severity of potential problems varies widely, but the most common problem is too much Botox®. This can give your face an unnatural appearance because it means your expression (or lack thereof) is virtually motionless. More severe problems are allergic reactions such as swelling, and what is called a “shelf”, where skin collects in one area, or with puffy eyelids that make you look bloated and tired – awful! Many Botox administrators, including doctors, use too much serum for a couple of reasons. The more toxin they inject, the more Botox® they sell. They also don’t want to make sure they give you enough. The last thing Botox® administrators want is a patient who still has wrinkles after treatment.

Another unfortunate effect of Botox® is when one or both eyebrows are raised so much that the patient has a perpetually surprised look. Strange looking wrinkles can also occur over the brow. This issue can be avoided if your administrator is highly skilled, and can often be corrected with a few carefully placed injections to relax the overactive muscle. But, even with an experienced administrator, problems can still occur because every patient is different, and reactions can vary from injection to injection, even in the same patient.

Most effects wear off in 4-6 months, because all effects of Botox® wear off in that time. Only in extremely rare cases are problems permanent.

Our recommendation? Let Smoothies® remove your lines!