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Apply Smoothies® to remove wrinkles instantly

How to Use Smoothies® With Injectables

Botox® can take days – or even weeks – to show effects on your wrinkles, but Smoothies® effects are virtually immediate.  You (or your doctor) can apply Smoothies® after your treatment to achieve much faster results. And, as your Botox® wears off, you can prolong its effects with Smoothies®.

Why does Botox take so long?

Botox® takes a while to paralyze your muscles, but that’s not why it takes so long to see effects in your wrinkles.  Botox doesn’t actually smooth your wrinkles, it only stops the cause. Your skin can take weeks to smooth itself out, depending on how deep your wrinkles are, and how responsive your skin is (how effectively it repairs itself).

Smoothies speeds up that process because it smooths the wrinkles away. Facial Smoothies and Botox are actually a very effective combination. Smoothies removes the wrinkles and Botox stops the cause so they can’t come back.

Results may vary.

Smoothies® anti-wrinkle treatment strips "iron out" and remove wrinkles instantly. And, wrinkles can't come back on their own. (You must make facial expressions to bring them back.) So, monitor your extreme facial expressions, and use Smoothies anti-wrinkle strips every day to maintain your new, baby-smooth skin.