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Line Free Skin

without needles


Effortless. Effective. Affordable. 

Press-on Wrinkle Remover Strips

  • Smooth out wrinkles

  • Help prevent new ones

  • Quick results you improve daily

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Want to . . .

•  remove your lines without injections?

•  show your personality?

•  keep wrinkles at bay – naturally?

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Key Differences Make Smoothies the Best


A strong adhesive is what smooths wrinkles – and what makes Smoothies reusable by most. 


Our backing is comfortable, but rigid enough to smooth lines. Many cheap products are too thin. 


Train skin smooth before wrinkles take hold. Many strips per pack, so it's affordable  to keep sheets in your car, bag, and desk.


A New Tool
for your beauty routine


Brilliantly Simple

Facial Smoothies are adhesive strips that hold skin flat to train it smooth. 

They work like aligners work for your teeth, training them regularly to stay in the right contour.

No Retinol, irritants, or anything that will interfere with adhesion, since that is what makes Smoothies effective.


Environmentally Responsible


We avoid all unnecessary use of raw materials, especially plastics. We do not place our adhesives on additional, unrecyclable polyethylene terephthalate sheets that will stay forever in the waste stream (as most of our competitors do).

This makes it sightly more difficult to peel the strips from their backing, but we feel it is well worth the benefit to our global health.


Made Entirely in the USA


For safety and quality control, and to support our neighbors, all of our products are designed, made, and packaged entirely in the USA. 

This provides the additional benefit of reducing the environmental and financial costs of transportation from across our oceans.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

I developed this product after a bad reaction to Botox. Like you, I wanted a more natural alternative.

Try Smoothies risk-free, with the comfort of our Unlimited Satisfaction Guarantee.  


Questions? We would love to help.  • 978.626.1107 • Or chat with us below

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